Cook a crock-o-beans Sunday and dedicate weeknights to devouring delicious, easy bean based recipes.


1. Soak 16 oz dried beans overnight.
2. The next morning, drain and rinse very well.¹
3. Place in crockpot and cover with two inches of water. Do not add salt or seasonings for the first six hours of cooking on low.²
4. After 6 hours, drain and rinse beans again. 
5. Freeze or refrigerate beans for an easy-to-add protein for weeknight meals OR prepare a delicious recipe using beans right now.

¹ Soaking beans overnight and rinsing them releases enzymes that break down complex sugars; a critical component to reduce beans’ gas-giving qualities.

²Adding salt or other seasonings during first cook can cause bean texture to turn chewy or sticky.

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