Homemade Coffee Creamer

The beauty of this recipe is you can customize it to your taste, and what ingredients you have available. My life with dairy goats gives me plenty of goats milk and butter. I use stevia and sugar-free vanilla Torani.

Homemade Coffee Creamer

7 cups milk of choice (goat, cow, almond, soy, etc)
3 cups sweetener of choice (cane sugar, stevia, sucanat, Splenda, etc)
4 Tbsp oil of choice (butter, coconut, grape seed, walnut, etc)
¾ cup Torani flavor syrup of choice

1. Over medium heat, dissolve sugar in milk and oil, whisking constantly. Turn heat low.
2. Simmer creamer until reduced, about 1 hour.
3. Remove from heat. Whisk in flavor. Allow to cool completely. Store in fridge.

*This recipe makes just less than 2 quarts of creamer. That’s a half gallon!
*If you choose oil that is solid at room temperature, be prepared to shake that creamer like crazy before each use.

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