DIY Refried Beans

DIY Refried Beans

Refried beans are a versatile side dish or ingredient in Mexican and Tex-Mex food. You typically only find Pinto and Black refried beans on store shelves, but any bean is delicious refried.

Refried is more than mashing

I cannot speak for Old El Paso brand, but refrying beans means more than mashing in Old Mexico. Fat and seasonings are added to cooked beans and some liquid in a cast iron pan. The pan is heated to a low-medium. Beans are cooked very mushy, and allowed to absorb flavors of the fat and seasonings. Last, beans are gently mashed with a potato masher.

8 cups cooked beans with liquid*
6 Tbsp lard
1 Tbsp minced onion
2 cloves garlic, minced
Salt and pepper

*Cook a crock-o-beans ahead of time

1. Heat lard in a cast iron skillet to medium. Add minced onion and garlic, sauté until fragrant.
2. Add beans and liquid. Cook until liquid is reduced, stirring occasionally.
3. Remove from heat.
4. Gently mash beans with a potato masher.
5. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Beans can be canned, but since they are a low acid food I suggest freezing them in Ball freezer jars instead.

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